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Dynasys Distribution Planning

Distribution planning for the best Service Level and minimum Inventories


Dynasys Distribution Planning (DRP) will be (currently rolled out to pilot countries), will be rolled out to other countries in 2016) accessed via a web interface on subsidiaries and works on iPad and Android tablets for this part.

For subsidiaries Supply Chain, Dynasys is accessible at from any device, including iPad and Android tablets thanks to its web interface.

The DRP takes forecast from VanguardSW Forecast Server, inventories and current portfolio of orders from JD Edwards, and provides demand to Dynasys Production Planning, then calculates the optimized Distribution Plan and automatically creates Sales and Purchase Orders in distribution center and subsidiary JD Edwards.

The subsidiary DRP is composed of 15 "web workspaces" to manage parameters (logistic charters, safety stock...), operations (firm & plan orders), and indicators (inventories, trend, shortages).

The DRP takes into account Shelf Life (expiration dates), variable Safety Stock (to cover risk according to seasonality, forecast accuracy...), calendars (distribution, production...), production variability in Biology and many other parameters.

CountriesHungary, South Africa, France, Brazil, United States
DomainSupply Chain


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