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Ennov EDMS

Document Management System


Ceva is using Ennov Document Management System to create documents under regulatory constraints. Some spaces are created for Ennov Dossier. Regulatory teams and Quality teams are main users of this solution, but the solution can be used in all domains.

Our document management solution

  • Ennov Doc is an Electronic Document Management Software (EDMS) allowing every employee in the organization to view the latest version of validated documents that they need for their business tasks. Ennov Doc handles all types and formats of documents, thereby making it the tool of choice to manage quality documentation (texts and graphics), technical documentation (including 2D and 3D files), marketing documentation (including multimedia documents) or the company knowledge base.
  • In Ennov Doc a document is made of a customized ID form and an attachment. Along with reading the document, the users can view the usual index information (title, reference, author(s), application date, topic, etc.) but also the history of the successive versions and the comments placed by the readers for the author.

Flexibility and autonomy

  • Ennov's strong point lies in the ease of customization. It makes the implementation possible in a matter of weeks. The collaborators in charge of administration can master the necessary configuration features in a 2-day training session. Ennov gives them control on:
  • The document set structure and different categorization modes
  • The authorized documents types and associated document templates
  • Access rights, groups, profiles and roles (issuer, approvers, administrators, proofreaders)
  • Signature workflow according to the organization and document types
  • Notification and reminder terms
  • The look and content of the interface and workspaces to display documents adapted to each profile
  • The ID form content

Once the application has been customized, document creation, update, deletion or archiving can be mastered in half a day by future contributors. They can then act individually or as a group since Ennov Doc also manages collaborative workspaces.

The hierarchical search for documents, in full text or multi-criteria, and the document viewing are so intuitive that they require no training. These features are available on each workstation in Web mode and are often made easier by the browser customization based on the readers' profiles.

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