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Galaxy Explorer

Explore all Ceva Information sources from one place with Galaxy Explorer Galaxy is Ceva's intranet


Galaxy is Ceva's intranet. It empowers communication and colaboration.

Galaxy Explorer : a search based application, featuring Galaxy content but also many other sources of content, such as Google Sites, Patents, Libraries, Document Management content.

With Galaxy Explorer, Ceva employees can access tons of Ceva content, independently from their applications. Content is indexed in tons of sources.

Search is also refined according to Business rules. When browsing the Directory, the Patents, the Google Sites, or Galaxy, the "Refine" section always changes.

As for many Ceva solutions, Galaxy and Galaxy explorers are available from any device, including iPad and Android devices thanks to its web interface, from anywhere.

They use technologies from Exalead.

Find Everything

  • Galaxy Explorer indexes everything in Ceva : galaxy content, Ceva directory, google sites, ARI, Patent and various other Ceva applications.

Find Everywhere

  • Ceva Explorer indexes all Ceva content repositories, including Galaxy, but also Patent, ARI, BibliOne, Google Sites, and the Ceva employees Directory

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