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Business Intelligence platform

Microstrategy is a Business Intelligence tool which is also a Mobile platform. Most of the B.I. dashboards we build are compatible with iPad and Android Microstrategy native clients, some work offline.

Ceva collects most information from Finance, Supply Chain, Sales and Operations, Industrial departments into a datawarehouse and build comprehensive reporting and dashboards in Microstrategy based on this information.

From automated broadcasting of interactive dashboards embeding data in pdf add-ons to self service tools to personalize reports and dashboards, and also using the advanced iPad (and Android) mobile application that allows to combine B.I., transactions and multimedia, Ceva uses most of the Microstrategy platform.

Easily transform your big data into intuitive dashboards and reports for greater analytical insights to make informed, data-driven decisions. The MicroStrategy platform makes Business Intelligence faster, easier, and more user-friendly. Enhance productivity, monitor trends and discover anomalies, and forecast business opportunities. MicroStrategy provides a high performance, scalable enterprise Business Intelligence platform capable of delivering deep insight with interactive dashboards and superior analytics to large user populations through Web browsers, mobile devices and Office applications.



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