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nexONBÉR Powerful payroll management system

nexONBÉR represents a premium category in payroll management. Over 1 million employees’ salaries countrywide are calculated with it.

The modules of nexONBÉR – payroll, labour, OEP (Hungarian Health Insurance Fund) benefits, monthly e-return, management information system and benefits (cafeteria) – completely cover the areas of payroll management. The system’s modular structure, scalability and extraordinary performance assure companies of any size of the most efficient solution.

Continuous compliance with regulations

  • Owing to both continuous development and 10-15 annual updates, nexONBÉR is always in compliance with the effective payroll regulations. The software is kept reliable and up-to-date by a team of over 25 software developers as well as 30 professional customer service staff. In order to enable our users to obtain the updates as soon as possible, we make the programs available in our client zone nexONLINE, of which we notify our customers in an email as well.

Ergonomic design

  • The data forms of the software have a clear layout, the processing is easy to do thanks to the logical structure. The functions used during the payroll process have been devised by combining 20 years’ experience with the feedback from users. They have established a decade old tradition on the payroll software market.

Versatile functionality

  • The payroll software’s various versions fitting the numerous industry sectors efficiently manage the corporate as well as the public sectors’ characteristic forms of payment by offering the option of keeping records of multiple legal relations. Managing regular tasks, automatic notifications and reminders is supported by the workflow function.
  • The application provides for multiple language use and calculation in different currencies. It supports both the statutory and the cumulative tax calculation. In addition, individual requests (e.g. taxing in a higher tax bracket) may also be granted.
  • Pay elements, list settings and major functions can easily be changed by the users. Retroactive changes, pay rises – even for several months – can be processed automatically.
  • All the data of the payroll system can be freely queried and arranged into custom specific management or controlling reports or statistics. (Excel, Word)
  • Each list and statutory report generated by the system is acknowledged by the authorities, including the reports of the social security module, both electronically and on lists. The returns can be retrieved, displayed and traced back to many a year.
  • The system has an interface, whose parameters can be set by the user, to provide for the one-off or scheduled upload and transfer of data.

Integration (JDE)

  • Several ERP systems apply nexONBÉR to do the payroll and HR tasks. Its reliability, performance and compliance with the Hungarian requirements make nexONBÉR a favourable and competitive alternative, even in relation to ERPs with their own payroll module.
  • In addition to all this, NEXON offers solutions that cover the entire area of human resources management. As a result, nexONBÉR can easily be integrated with nexONTIME entry and time and attendance system as well as with nexONHRM human resources management system.

Powerful reporting system

  • nexONBÉR has a built-in reporting system, where the user can run pre-defined queries, and create new reports easily whit a few clicks. All data contained this system is fully reportable with this powerful tool.



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