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Smartsheet Collaborate on Projects and Processes

Smartsheet is a gantt chart tool on the web, integrated with Google Apps (sign-on, drive, calendar, hangouts), which is part of the Ceva employees productivity suite.

With Smartsheet, collaboration drives results

  • Whether you need to share your work with other team members, or simply collaborate on a specific task, Smartsheet makes it easy. You can invite people (both inside and outside your company) to collaborate on your entire project by sharing the entire sheet with them, or simply send them a row with all attachments to get updates.
  • With Smartsheet, you have the controls and ability to meet any collaboration style and need. By collaborating in support of moving projects and processes forward, your team will be more productive. Imagine having all notes, discussions, files, and information in one centralized location that’s accessible across browsers, devices and operating systems.

The result?

  • Real-time collaboration that streamlines communication, empowers teams, and drives efficiencies

Gantt Charts : A simple, seamless approach to visualizing your projects

  • Using interactive Gantt chart capabilities in Smartsheet is a great way to visualize your project. You can customize your chart with conditional formatting to highlight team members’ tasks or indicate status levels with different colors. Your team or clients will instantly “get it” and understand the tasks and related dependencies.
  • Plus, it couldn’t be easier to update with drag-and-drop editing (even if you’ve never used one before!). Smartsheet makes it easy for your team to collaborate in real-time and stay current on project progress. You can update the project, reassign a task, adjust a date and more within a beautiful visual layout.

Smartsheet complements Google Apps at every turn

  • Smartsheet is seamlessly integrated with Google Drive, which give you the ability to create, update, organize and save your project sheets - and access them from anywhere. It’s collaboration made easy.
  • Sign in with your Google account info and you’ll instantly be collaborating on project tasks, files, and discussions. You can attach Google Docs, import/export between Google Spreadsheet and Smartsheet, sync your project calendar to your Google Calendar, import contacts, and much more.

Your work is always at your fingertips

  • Unleash yourself from your desk and soak up the power of the cloud. With nothing to download, you can conveniently access Smartsheet from any browser on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can view all of you sheets, reports, folders and workspaces, view your Smartsheet account details, search and view recently accessed items.
  • For those managing work on mobile devices, Smartsheet’s HTML5 mobile version provides great performance, navigation and usability. It’s never been faster, or easier, to access project information from a client site, look up details in a meeting, or update progress on the go. Thanks to HTML5, smartsheet works on iPad and on Android tablets. It also has an iPhone and iPad native client.



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