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VanguardSW Forecast Server

Forecast your sales with accuracy

VanguardSW Forecast Server is a main Supply Chain component which is used to collect sales forecast from subsidiaries.

Improve forecast accuracy

  • VanguardSW Forecast Server makes it easy to forecast hundreds of SKU (Single Keeping Units) thanks to algorithms predicting the future from the past sales.

What is Vanguard Forecast Server?

  • Forecast Server helps you build forecasts you can trust by combining insight with analytics.

Forecast Server:

  • Improves your forecasting workflow with automation
  • Generates buy-in with collaboration
  • Increases your agility with timely forecasts

Improve your forecasting workflow with automationBecome more efficient and produce fewer errors with:

  • Direct import from JD Edwards of Sales History, Clients groups and territories
  • Direct exports to your n.Skep Demand and Fulfilment planning
  • Advanced analytics, such as automatic selection of the best forecasting methods for our sales data
  • Rollbacks to previous versions of your forecast
  • Instant access to forecasts via any computer, tablet, or smartphone

Forecast Server promotes forecasting buy-in by:

  • Making it easy for subsidiary forecasters to share insights. Forecasters can add new insights quickly in Forecast Server.
  • Showing the impact of forecaster contributions. Each forecaster can see their contributions reflected in forecasts in real-time. They can propose changes, add new information, test scenarios, and share insights.
  • Providing reasons for every change. Forecaster rationale and contributions are tracked, time stamped, and documented for complete transparency and audits.

Increase our agility with timely forecasts

  • Important insights and warnings exist in your data, but you can't respond if you're being held back by data that is not timely. In Forecast Server, changes to data and assumptions flows through the system in real time, updating all relevant forecasts.

This means you can:

  • See the impact of changes on all areas of your company as they happen
  • Test and understand the implications of what-if scenarios
  • Respond and modify your plans in real-time

CountriesSouth Africa, France, Spain, United States, Hungary
DomainSupply Chain


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