With Ceva platforms, projects go from inception to live in a matter of days or weeks. A specific IT department, "Smart Apps", have been created to manage the technologies that allow this performance. It helps business and IT being aligned. It is made possible because Ceva platform technologies are pre-integrated with Ceva's technical environment, they comply with all Ceva technology standards, and they are chosen because of the speed we can create an app with.

In Computer Software, platform technology is a term for technology that enables the creation of applications
that support present or future IT needs, across multiple business domains. 
It can be defined as a structural or technological form from which various products can emerge
without the expense of a new process/technology introduction.

A platform technology increases the ease of create new applications.
Fewer features need be designed and implemented, and users don't need so much training.

Ceva has designed its platform technology around key technologies that are :
  • Google Apps for Business for all collaboration processes,
  • Intuit Quickbase for all online databases,
  • Microstrategy for Business Intelligence and Mobility
  • Exalead for Search Based Applications,
  • Ez-Publish for all web sites,
  • AODocs and Ennov for Document Management,
  • Vdoc for workflow apps,
  • and eventually JD Edwards for all E.R.P. related processes,.
Corporate IT promotes the use of these technologies. However,
it is not forbiden to use a technology, as soon as it does not
break our security rules and does not duplicate costs.

Many of the applications that are listed in this appstore
are based on these technologies.

As an example, most Ceva CRM systems are based
on Quickbase, an online database
that allows advanced

users to manage themselves their customizations. For each CRM, a local administrator can create new fields, new reports, new charts, and manage users, whether they are Ceva employees or external agents.

Another example is the use of Google Apps Sheets and Forms to collect and consolidate data, or of Google Sites to create web site that are either public, shared with non Ceva employees, or completely private.